The MRCG started out as a weekly 75 meter ‘sked’ between several military radio collectors in the early 1990’s. As more and more people began to show up for the sked a decision was made to hold the first get together in San Luis Obispo Ca. The group continued to hold annual meetings and hold a weekly on air net for the next few decades with members from all over the world in attendance. 

The group is very informal with no dues or fees collected. An interest in military radios is the only requirement for membership. 

On Air Net

Military radios on the air every Sunday morning at 7:30 AM on 3974.

Join us on 75 meters and hear the radios in action. If you’re not a ham you can always use a web based sdr to listen in. Everyone is welcome.

No Radio? No Problem click here and tune in using the KFS WebSDR

The Military Radio Net was founded in 2010 by Chuck K0DWC and Henry WA7YBS in Nevada. After several time and frequency changes they settled on Sunday morning, 3974 KC’s at 7:30 AM local time. This is a great opportunity to hear operational military radios and to learn more about them from the group.

Join us in our disccusion groups.io forum and meet like minded people.

Clatternet: Our Weekly MRCG Radioteletype Net

This is the net for folks who love old mechanical teletypes!

We’ve selected operating parameters for best compatibility with the mix of equipment our members presently wish to use for military RATT.  This includes particular allowances made for AN/PRC-47 USB transceivers or others which tune in fixed 1 kHz steps and use fixed AFSK tones at 1575/2425 Hz. We presently operate with 850 Hz wide shift, and we operate Space high (again, for compatibility with stock AN/PRC-47 / CV-2455 sets). That’s the opposite of the normal amateur radio RTTY convention, so you’ll need to fiddle with modem settings to copy our net. Some sets like the AN/GRC-46 will also need a (hopefully!) simple modification to reverse their transmit shift.

Net Start TimeSaturdays, 0930 PST (1730Z)
Nominal Channel Frequency7087 kHz as indicated on AN/PRC-47 or other channelized radios.  (7087 is the USB suppressed carrier frequency.)
ModeRATT, 850 Hz shift, SPACE HIGH, 5 bit, 45.45 baud
Actual Mark Frequency7088.575 kHz (channel + 1575 Hz)
Actual Space Frequency7089.425 kHz (channel + 2425 Hz)
Alternate Channel Frequencies3587, 10137 as propagation dictates

Due to the tuning mode of the AN/PRC-47, if we encounter excessive QRM we will temporarily move in 1 kHz steps. We also occasionally hop to alternate bands when the one we’ve been using stops cooperating. So, consider the alternate channel frequencies if you’re planning a new antenna.

Older VFO-tuned sets such as the AN/GRC-26D, AN/GRC-46, etc. will be especially tricky to tune to the net frequency.  For Military or other non-FSK SSB transmitters, set to USB AFSK as above.  Tune your transmitter frequency to the net control station who will transmit RYRY tune signals upon Net callup!

Getting this stuff working can be hard at first, but it gets easier, so don’t give up easily. We’ll help!

Thanks!  Tim