Is HAPPENING on the last Friday and Saturday of APRIL (the 26th and 27th).  This is the week AFTER the Plymouth gathering for militaria.  We have the NCO club reserved.  Turns out that Billeting will only take reservations 30 days in advance of booking, but maybe if you smile (on the phone) you can convince them to get you an RV spot or room on base.  I have corrected the dates on the meet details (thank you to all those who are better proof readers than I am).  See the attachments for all you ever wanted to know about this years MRCG meet.

ACTION: If you order SOON, your 2024 gear will arrive before the meet.  You can wear it in style at the NCO club.  There are also mugs, and other goodies for sale there too.

ACTION: A number of GOOD folk have gotten back to me already.  If you haven’t yet, PLEASE let me know (if you haven’t already) if you plan to eat at the mess hall.  email to:

Reminder: Mike Kelley has stepped up and is our new Treasurer.  Andy Miller is our webmaster.

COST: We will collect $10 at the NCO club for your name badge and holder to help cover the cost of the NCO club.  We hope to break even, and I am looking for off-base folks to pick up donuts and bring them to the NCO clup on Friday and Saturday.  

Please pass the information on our annual meet to others that may be interested.  Military Radios AND vehicles are welcome.  Maybe we can get Andy to do a presentation on spy radios – he has been growing his museum collection (and operating them).

More info added soon.